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How Colorshifts Provide Your Idea Mysterious Color Shades

Colors are perhaps some of the most interesting results of the laws of physics ever to occur. While a lot of us might take the idea of colors for granted, but the various gradients all around us are a huge blessing and affect and impact our lives more than we could ever imagine.

The presence of color can literally alter the way we feel, we think, we operate and effectively our entire bodily system. Whether it is the peace-inducing blue of the sky or the pleasant green of a vast grassland or the reds and yellows in your local food stalls that fill your mouth with saliva, every color has a special feeling associated with it and activates a certain emotion. Whether you have noticed it yet or not is irrelevant because it is almost certain that you have been affected by it.

This connection of human psychology and color is something that the mind of an artist understands which is why they know that the presence of certain colors in their projects will bring a different results from anyone who experiences their art and hence choose the perfect colors to make sure that the exact idea that they wish to convey through a piece of art is represented in their colors.

Enter Color shifts. Color shift is a very exciting trend that is bound to catch your eye whether you are a new artist or a seasoned artist or even just someone who was passing by and your eye happens to fall on it. While the name is very self-explanatory in terms of what kind of color is a color “shift” we will dive in-depth into the color shift and tell you everything that you need to know to incorporate this exciting thing into your next big project or maybe just a DIY craft for that mysterious appearance.

But before we get to the part where we explain how this shifting color technology produces that air of mystery that clouds the brain of everyone who witnesses it let us learn a little bit about color shift paints and how they work to produce the magic that they do.

What is colorshift? Is it color...that shifts?

The title of this particular kind of paint is very self-explanatory; however, that explanation doesn’t do anything close to justice to the spectacular sight that is anything covered in color shift paints. When an object is covered in color shift paints the effect of light on that object is what makes it so spectacular, the color has a slight change in hue and a particular kind of shine and shimmer to it that gives it a look which is very similar to a metallic luster. It exhibits different hues when viewed from different angles.

How does colorshift work? It works…by…shifting colors?

Color shift colors are created using a very special technique using unique multi-layer pigment flakes, which is the very component that gives these paints the ability to provide those various hues. The angle of incidence of the rays of light on these flakes and the viewing angle of the observer are the two things that determine which hues will be observed. Each flake will provide you with various types of hues depending upon these specific angles.

Mystery behind the mysteriousness of the mystery colors

As mentioned above, specific colors tap into very specific emotions inside the mind of a human being, but what exactly allows the color shift to provide that mystery ambiance to an observer that it does. The key as it is obvious lies in the shifting colors of the paint. The shifting colors create a ripple in the viewer’s perception of the object causing them and almost demanding them to observe the object with greater attention which creates the air of mystery inside the mind of a viewer because they are naturally curious to understand it more.

As a single color creates a single emotion in the viewer's mind the presence of various colors causes the viewer a confusion that the mind wishes to clear, which is perceived by the mind as something mysterious. It alters the mood of the viewer continuously with its shifting colors which are just another example of how colors can directly tap into the mind of a viewer and alter its emotions, feelings or moods, whichever words you prefer.

Another reason behind the mysterious nature of the object being a subject of mystery is because the color shift paints take advantage of the light to establish its shiny shimmering look. As its main attraction is due to the use of a light source, and different viewing angles provide different looks the artwork becomes interactive or in simpler terms, comes alive, and this lively look of the object makes it more of an object of intrigue and the minds of the viewer’s will be far more receptive and responsive to anything that appears livelier and hence the already present air of mystery to the object increases.

All things colorshift

Colorshift paints can be used in a wide variety of projects. Ranging from DIY small projects that one may do for fun or maybe even a school project if you go to an art school or maybe even a massive project if you’re a professional artist with its attractive look and wide range of ambiances that it provides with the various color shift colors, it provides many options. It can also be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, which again increases the areas in which you can use color shift paints and exhibit the feelings it induces into its observers.

To provide this wide range of functionality colorshifts are available in a variety of styles or products such as acrylic color shift paints or mica powder. Color shift paints can be used on just about all the surfaces that any other paint can be used on such as wood, stretched canvas, rigid plastic, papier mache, metal, bisque ware or unglazed ceramics, glass, and ceramics. They can also be used in the paint jobs for your vehicles. If you wish to observe the best of the color-shifting properties of the color shift paints than the ideal surface to paint with them will be a 3-dimensional surface that reflects light adequately.

Getting your hands on some of that mystery color-shifting magic

While there are several forms of color-shifting paints out there one of the best ways to purchase it, especially if you are a DIY artist is in the form of Mica powder. Finding mica powder for sale is not very difficult. However, if you’re looking for the best deals you can find mica powder for sale on Eyecandycustomzus.

Here you will find some of the best, and highest quality and some of the highest variety of colors of mica powder for sale anywhere and the colors available are absolutely stunning. While the colors are incredibly catchy and pleasing to the eye the names of the colors are nothing short of innovative ranging from Zen garden to Okinawa sunset to monitor lizard to the land of the rising sun all the way to a sushi roll which all convey an idea that is very much present in the shifting color schemes.

Resin pigment, mica powder, and pigment powder

Another advantage of purchasing them in the form of Mica pigment is you can use these attractive color-shifting paints in resin pigment. To understand this, you must first know what resin is. A resin in the most simple and slightly boring definition is an organic polymer that is used as a basis of plastics adhesives and varnishes. A canvas can often be treated with resins a process which is, of course, called resigning. When colors are added onto these resins, the resultant is known as resin pigment.

The color to create resin pigments can be added in the form of pigment powder or mica powder. The difference between Mica powder and pigment powder are really a choice of the user to make and not a clear advantage or disadvantage scenario but since pigment powder being matte in nature as opposed to the sparkly nature of mica powder could never provide those amazing shifting colors that you are looking for, purchasing mica powder is the way to go for those perfect color shift results.

All in all color shift paints provide an excellent interactive experience and to stand in awe of their magnificence you don’t need to be a professional artist with a lot of experience and create a masterpiece for the world to witness (although you could be that and do that) because as we just explain the nature of their mystery and extravagance is inherent in them due to their shifting colors and the effects that they produce on the mind traveling all the way through the very beginnings of the cornea.